About Me

Hi there!

I'm Enrico Florentino (you can call me Rico), a software developer currently studying Computer Science at McMaster University. I'm constantly learning new technologies and tools, and creating stuff. Take a look at my resume, and my list of projects to know more about me.


HazardParking | Team Project

In my second year, I, along with 3 others, built HazardParking, a fully functional web application using Java and Spring. This project aimed at helping drivers park more carefully in the state of Washington, DC. Our project computed a comprehensive heatmap of past parking violations (130,000+ tickets!) in the city with easy access of filtering certain data.

Source Code:

classNav | Hackathon Project

Me and my friend built classNav at StarterHacks, a virtual assistant that systematically prompts you on the exact path you need to take towards your class. This was built using Dialogflow, Google's human-computer interaction technology that are based on natural language conversations. The backend was bootstrapped with Google Firebase and Node.js.

Winner of 'Best use of Google Cloud Platform' at StarterHacks.

Source Code:

finBit | Hackathon Project

finBit was created at the ELEVATE Hackathon hosted by TD. We created a wearable app that helped users micromanage their spending based on the flow of income they were earning while they were working. Users could set daily goals to help them save more by tracking their daily purchases on the go. The frontend was developed with React and the backend used Node.js.

Source Code:

CampPlanner | Personal Project

I created CampPlanner during the summer of 2018 as I progressed through various web development courses. I intended to apply my fresh full stack skills on a fully functioning project from scratch. This project acted as an interface for campgoers that were looking to plan their cottage trips and camp outings with their friends and family. They could track important details, carpooling information, what to bring, and activities. The technologies that i used included HTML and CSS, Javascript and MongoDB.

Source Code: